Evermore popular as the days go on in this streaming-era music world, this platform allows us to modify playlists such as the upcoming "The Sky Colony Chronography", which will include a series of upcoming single-song releases along with our debut album. Please follow us and our upcoming playlists on Spotify to hear these releases the day they drop.



Can't find our music somewhere you'd like to see it? Please let us know with our contact form.


Amazon Music

You can find discounts on our stuff here, and it will be updated with MP3 files that you may purchase and download to have as your own on Amazon music, including upcoming singles that will be released on Spotify.



Always in solidarity for the artists, bandcamp is the route to really support what people have going on. It is possible for all to have their creative works here, and they are very fair to the creators themselves. As our albums come, this can be a good avenue to really support us when you have a need to purchase our digital music.