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Conway, WA | The Conway Muse w/ Wait a Minute Chester

7:30 Wait a Minute Chester

8:30 The Sky Colony



All Ages


In 2009, The Conway Muse opened its doors, in a limited fashion - a weekly open mic, to get the word out there was a new venue in Skagit. There were many songwriters and performers who showed up, from all the surrounding lands. It was indeed a hot event. The talent was bountiful, and all reveled.

A duo of them were a father and son from across the street in Conway, both long-time musicians. The father performing timeless songs he had written performed with his bands throughout the years. The son, on the other hand, was playing his own songs in public for the first time.

Now, ten years later, that same duo returns to the Muse to play songs together. John Meier, the father, performs as bandleader of Wait A Minute Chester, a group comprised of musicians he's played with for almost 40 years. Kyle Findley-Meier, the son, performs as bandleader of The Sky Colony, a hard-working Skagit band that takes heavy influence from the music of their parents' era.

The Conway Muse is a location to be loved. Owners Elfa Gisla and Tom Richardson always cultivate a welcoming and happy time, and the Muse also houses Cascadia Weekly's "Best Bartender", Kelly Hayton!

Come, let us revel in this bounty of music, as the spring turns 2019 into a real year, and the snow leaves the sides of the road. This meticulously created and soulful folk-rock will bring a feeling to you that only Conway can.