2019 - WinterStock and Our Second Album

In the summer we launched the Kickstarter campaign to raise an amount of money that we thought was unreachable, but our awesome supporters came through and showed us that they wanted us to do make them the best record we could. We were in awe.

So, we went into the studio and captured some really special sounds on some really special gear, carefully cultivating intentional music. One fun move we did was print out “song hearts” for every song - emotive keywords, important lyric quotes, and stories behind each song, and had those bouncing around the studio. That helped each person connect to what the individual songs were about.

Now, we have this part complete, but we have much more work to do to complete the project - mixing, mastering, artwork, publicity, duplication, and streaming. We hope to start bringing you some music toward the middle of the year, and we hope it hits you like it’s been hitting us. We love these sounds so far.

We are eternally grateful for you all.

- The Sky Colony