Kickstarter Crowd-Funding Our Second Album Sept. 1 - Oct. 1!

Kickstarter is an awesome platform, where we ask for your support, and we give unique rewards in exchange. If our goal of $12,775 isn't met, nobody gets charged, and everyone has peace. If our community, including you, does fund our goal, our musical lives kick into overdrive. Fueled by immense gratitude, we will record a beautiful, meaningful album.

Now, we ask for YOUR help! Please, any slight effort or monetary pledge you can muster toward this will make a huge difference in our lives. We are dedicated musicians, we play, practice, and grow all time, and we won't let you down! Besides that, the rewards are awesome.

One of the most important things you can do as a potential supporter is to share our Kickstarter link on your personal social media platforms, then authentically convey in your own writing why you are doing that. It helps an indescribable amount to spread this like a web, because understandably, most people can't give a lot right now.

We love you, and are eternally grateful.

The Sky Colony