Kickstarter Campaign Success! Entering Studio for Second Full-Length Album

With the love and financial help of 131 people in The Sky Colony family, we have just raised over $13,000 for the creation of our next album through crowd funding with rewards! This number is staggering to us at this point in our band, and shows us how much human power is out there behind what we are doing right now. Thank you all, so much.

We owe you all a great record, so we are focusing on contacting and meeting with all the best people we can think us to help us out. These people are producers, sound engineers, songwriters, multi-instrumentalists, vocal coaches, and tone geeks, all people who are passionate about music. We are supplementing that work and conversation internally by meditating, talking in-depth on how to convey the most meaning for each song, and diligently practicing.

We are going to enter Bell Creek Studio on October 16th, then hibernate with this project to focus on bringing you our best album next year. Our public appearances will be limited in the winter, but always feel free to check out our shows page or contact us about anything.

We are eternally grateful for you all.

- The Sky Colony