The Sky Colony Addresses the American Patriarchy in live video of "American Psyche"

Stop attacking my psyche, invaded by your blue light cruising down the highway at night

Stop attacking my psyche, I just want to talk with my bros, not about your TV shows

Stop attacking my psychedelics they are good for us, the drugs you give us are worse

Stop attacking my psyche, I wanna be human, not just a white male American


Don't get me wrong it's like, I appreciate the illusion of my freedom and my rights.

We can vote for what we want, but when you chose yourself, our freedom is all gone


It's not political at all, we blame the other side, thinking it's their fault

Let's pull the wool from over our eyes, who created sides, we could realize


The distraction never ends, as well the illusion we're apart

I'm on the side of the humans, let's never forget that we are one